First Day

The transition to childcare for the first time or starting at a new childcare centre can sometimes be very emotional for the child and their families. Our Educators will support you and your child to adjust to their new environment without becoming emotionally distressed.

For some children it may be appropriate for parents to visit several times before their child’s official orientation day to facilitate a positive separation. You will be required to stay on Centre premises during the visit.

Tips to ensure a smooth transition into our centre:

  1. Ease in gradually – Take some time to settle your child/children in slowly, it will help with any anxieties.
  2. Bring comfort objects – The familiarity of items from home can help a child feel more settled in a new environment.
  3. Establish a good morning routine – Allow plenty of time to get ready and spend time with your little one before drop off. The routine provides security for your child and will make the transition easier. Try to look relaxed, even if you don’t feel it as this stage.
  4. Help your child/children get settled – Spend a few minutes helping your child to become comfortable. If they are unsettled, take time to reassure them. Stay and calm them a little, then let them know you will be back later and hand your child to the main educator to say goodbye if needed.
  5. Always say goodbye – Even if your child is playing well and seems content, don’t be tempted to leave without saying goodbye. We need the child to trust what is going on and trust you. It may avoid some anxiety and crying in the short term, but it makes it worse in the longer term.
  6. Watch your body language – Children are very good at picking up on non- verbal cues, so try to project an air of positivity and confidence.
  7. Be patient – Accept that the transition to the centre may take some time. Some children adapt quickly and easily, whilst others take a little longer. How well they settle can also depend on how many days they’re attending, their age and whether they are going through separation anxiety.
First day getting to know each other - Teachers encouraging play - Kinder Cottage Qld