Our Educators

The passionate and highly skilled team at Kinder Cottage are chosen because of their qualifications, enthusiasm for teaching children, supportive and caring natures. We take pride in acknowledging many of our team members have been with Kinder Cottage for up to twenty years.

This extensive experience instils high quality practice and a natural ability to guide the children’s learning through play environments.
The stability of our Educator team means that we can provide a stable environment for your children whilst attending Kinder Cottage.

This enables us to:

• Ensure consistent educational and behavioural cues
• lncrease the chance of picking up developmental issues earlier
• Most importantly makes the children feel more secure and comfortable with meaningful relationships.

The variety of ages, and cultural backgrounds in our team of Educators is helpful in allowing us to all view things from different perspectives and is also helpful to our children and families to have somebody that they can relate to.

But mostly we all love what we do and that comes through in how we care for your children.


Each Room’s Lead Educator holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. And our Kindergarten Teacher in the Kangaroos room has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

All Assistant Educators have a Certificate III Children’s Services or are working towards this through a traineeship, and some of our assistants are even Diploma qualified.

All staff have a Queensland Government Blue Card, a current first aid certificate including asthma and anaphylaxis in an early education setting.

ln addition, Professional Development is an ongoing commitment at Kinder Cottage with all our staff participating in regular industry, educational and safety training on a regular basis.

Meet our Senior Staff

Miss Tilati - Room Leader - Kinder cottage GC

Miss Tilati

Room Leader
My name is Tilati and I have a Diploma in Early Childcare and I love to have fun.  I believe that each child learns and develops at their own pace, and my goal is to give every child the care and support they need to learn, grow, and feel confident in every aspect of their development. I believe by creating a safe, loving and caring environment for each individual to become, belong and be the person they are to be in this stage of their life.

Miss Sunee

Room Leader
Hello, my name is Sunee. I am a mother of two grown up daughters. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have been in the sector for a number of years. I have been working at Kinder Cottage since 2017 and have enjoyed the lovely friendships and bonds I have built with the children and families in my care. I believe that the most effective way for children to learn is by ‘doing’ because it allows them to learn all sorts of things with curiosity, and to push on beyond limits. Children always make me think outside the box and look closer at things that I might overlook.

Miss Gina

Centre Director
I have worked at Kinder Cottage since 2002, where I started as a Trainee. Whilst at Kinder Cottage I have completed my Cert III in childcare, my Diploma in childcare and an Advance Diploma in Community Sector Management. I have two grown sons who use to come to Kinder Cottage before I commenced working here. I love the Kinder Cottage community and love that I am now the Centre Director so that I can implement my philosophy of all children being unique and requiring a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. It is my desire to create the type of atmosphere where children can meet their full potential. I work with a fabulous team of educators who all help make Kinder Cottage a lovely Centre to work at, and also provide amazing experiences for the children, who attend Kinder Cottage and their extended family.

Miss Emily

Room Leader
Hi, my name is Emily and I have been working at Kinder Cottage since 2011. I hold my Diploma in Children Services. I believe that each child is an individual and learns at his/ her own pace. I value and focus on developing each child’s strengths, interests, skills and abilities. I myself enjoy messy play and I believe children learn best when they are playing, especially messy playing. Freedom play and messy play gives children the opportunities to explore, discover, imagine and create. I value the involvement of families and guardians and also their input within the Centre and my room. I believe that working together with families is of most importance when caring for each individual child. I am committed to ongoing communication with families and to share updates with families on their child’s progress.

Miss Cindy

Room Leader
Hi my name is Cindy. I have been working at Kinder Cottage since 2001. I hold my Diploma of Children Services. I have four grown children and I am also the proud Grandmother of five grandchildren. I believe that children learn through play, I will provide opportunities for the children to explore, discover, create and imagine. I believe strongly in cultural diversity. We benefit from many different cultures within our Centre, and I encourage all families to help us incorporate their family cultures and celebrations into our community. I value the involvement of families and guardians. I believe that working together with families is important to achieve the best outcome for the child’s needs and development.

Miss Chantel

Kindergarten Teacher/ Educational Leader
I have enjoyed working in the Childcare industry so much that after doing my Cert III and Diploma in childcare I also completed my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching). I have worked at Kinder Cottage since 2008 and am thankful for the support given to me by the Centre Management to pursue my Career goals. I am also a mother of a gorgeous boy, who has given me a new perspective with my teaching. My main goal as a teacher is to provide a safe and secure environment which provides children with opportunities to learn and achieve positive outcomes regardless of their cultural, linguistic, or socioeconomic background. I strive to respect and recognise all children have personal characteristics, family values and beliefs, and I aim to create an atmosphere where children feel confident to express themselves.