Our Curriculum

As Educators, part of our role is to support children in making appropriate choices and encourage them to express and explore their knowledge and thoughts.

We believe in promoting play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction, role play, communicating and most importantly, listening to children which enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.  The programs that we run within the different curriculums are flexible to meet the individual needs of each child.

We strive to let the children be the best they can be in readiness to start their school years by preparing them with a strong foundation of skills for future learning.

We employ the Early Years Learning Framework, the Queensland Education Kindergarten Program and the My Time Our Place framework to support our curriculum.

Early Years Learning Framework

Kinder Cottage embraces the Being, Belonging and Becoming Principals of the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF). 

Our centre will continue to reflect, improve and evolve in relation to our Quality Improvement Plan, as needed based on feedback from the Educators, Families and Community. 

We believe in fostering sustainable practices within our centre, involving the children in this learning.

Fun and learning to share and interact - Kinder Cottage Gold Coast
Kind Kangaroos children from 4 to 5 yrs qld education Kindy programme - Kinder Cottage GC

Queensland Education Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten Program is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines which are prescribed by the Queensland Government and Queensland Studies Authority. 

This program supports children’s learning in a variety of ways to prepare the children for school, and is supported by close links with our local schools and their ‘transition to school’s programs.

The target age group for the Kindergarten Program is children who turn four years old by 30 June in the year and attend a minimum of two days per week.

My Time Our Place

My Time, Our Place promotes teachers collaborating with children to provide play and leisure opportunities that are meaningful to children and support their well being, learning and development. 

The Framework aims to extend and enrich children’s well being and development in school age care settings (ie before school care, after school care and vacation care)

My time my place teacher working with children providing play and learning - Kinder Cottage Gold Coast Qld