After School Care in Highland Park and Nerang

A place for your kids to play and learn

If your little ones need a warm and welcoming community to learn and play after school, Kinder Cottage is the coolest place to be.

Dedicated to raising bright kids who have the support and environment needed to grow, our After School program is rooted in our Early Childhood Education Centre philosophy: let kids be kids.

Partnering with families to build meaningful connections and achieve consistency across home and school, we believe that every child can reach their full potential with a little tender loving care.

Interested in our After School program? Read on.

Putting Families First at Highland Park After School Care

Rooted in the ​social-cultural learning methodologies of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, Kinder Cottage encourages kids to make their own choices, express and explore their knowledge and thoughts, and develop best through real interaction. By learning through play among their peers, our kids’ programs support childhood development in language, self-help, cognitive, social interaction, and fine/gross motor skills.

Nerang After School Care Playground Area

After School Care in Nerang for Your Kids

If you need a safe and supportive environment to extend your child’s learning and development after school, the Kinder Cottage after school care program is the place for you (and your little ones!).

Located in Highland Park, we’ve been serving and supporting local families and their kids since 1992. Believing in nurturing the whole child and supporting their development during their most fundamental years, our kids grow up the Kinder Cottage way.

Reach out to our friendly educators and care centre staff to learn more about our curriculum and booking an on-site tour to explore our facilities. From first day of school support to a focused nutritional program, we know that you’ll come to call Kinder Cottage another spot for your child  to call home.