Our Groups

Joyful Joeys

Children from Newborn – 2 Years

Group Capacity - 9 children per day with a ratio of I : 4

“A big part of the children’s day in the Joyful Joey’s is being cuddled and

We as Educators have a strong duty of care to make sure that the children in
our care always feel safe and secure. We always speak to the children in a
caring manner, consequently we are showered with affection and trust from
our little ones.

ln the Joyful Joey’s we focus on helping children develop various skills by
creating learning environments with sensory experiences. We encourage
children to try new art experiences and building physical strength with tummy
time and gross motor movements. We mimic words and sounds to encourage
language development and focus on social and emotional development. We
nurture and enhance learning by developing strong, positive relationships with
children as we partner with parents to get the best outcome for the

Bouncing Bilbies

Children from ages 24 months - 36 months

Group Capacity - 10 Children Ratio l : 5

“ln the Bouncing Bilby’s our program is focused on providing a
positive initial learning experience for each child in preparation for
early learning success in education. Through games, art, songs, finger
play, and books the children learn and grow at their own pace.
Classroom activities follow our Early Years Learning Framework, with
an emphasis on Social/emotional development, language
development, physical well being, becoming confident and involved
learners and building a sense of belonging to communities.
Our carefully balanced program provides a full day of age and
developmentally appropriate activities for physical well being for
growing bodies as well as plenty of outdoor time to appreciate nature
and our environment.

With our support and partnership with parents, our program is an
introduction to the learning process and wonderful way for each child
to begin a life-long love of learning.”

Wonderful Wombats

Children from ages 3 years - 4 years

Group Capacity - 24 children

“ln our group, we belong together, care for each other and accept each other with respect. We share each other’s joy and triumphs.

We provide an environment that is fun, creative and at times messy. We support the children in making choices and encourage them to express and explore their knowledge and thoughts. We teach respect in our environment and community through fostering sustainable practices. These activities provide invaluable learning/teaching moments where the children ask questions which allow them to learn about the world and how they can care for it. We enjoy exploring with goop, paint, and other sensory materials.  We hold family values and welcome all family members to participate in our program – from celebration days to a family member (eg. Grandma) reading a story or spending time playing at the activity tables.

The Wombat children love learning about a diversity of cultures, including learning about the culture and language of Japan in regular lessons each week.

Kind Kangaroos

Children from ages 4 years to 5 years

Group Capacity - 25 children

In the Kangaroo Group which also incorporates the Queensland Education Kindergarten Programme, we strive to provide a learning environment aimed at individual needs and abilities in preparation for the Prep year at school.

At the start of the year, it is our aim to build positive relationships with each individual child and build a curriculum based on their learning styles and the skills required for when starting school.