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About Our Childcare Centre Nerang

Located in Highland Park and servicing the Nerang area, Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre provides exceptional care and education for children aged from newborn through to and including school age.

We are independently owned and operated and are approved by the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care, Department of Education, Training and Employment (Qld Government), to provide childcare and after-school care.


Whether you’re in Nerang or surrounds, our location is designed to offer comforting, accessible services for all families.

Daycare environments like ours support the wellbeing and health of your child, allowing them to develop integral social skills.

Beyond this, we firmly believe we help young ones feel encouraged to learn and make it our focus to support them through the transition into school.

Designed to be stimulating and fun, all activities are created to help your child embrace their curious nature, and explore all ideas, thoughts and behaviours that pop up. Childcare in Australia is popular to promote:

Social interaction and learning to work with friends – mostly through group activities and cooperative playtime.
Expression of their creativity – this can be through art, dance or movement.

The creation of their own communication skills. They’ll need to listen to educators and hear other children appropriately.

Skills that are required for writing, reading and mathematics later on.

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Child learning and play exceptional care - Kinder Cottage Gold Coast

For Parents

At Kinder Cottage, we believe that working with the community and families around is imperative.

Priding ourselves on valuable relationships, we offer trustworthy childcare in Nerang and Highland Park.

Our environment has been firmly built on the ability of our visitors to feel supported throughout their journey with our kindy.

As educators, our responsibility is to help your child embrace their learning experiences, and feel confident in exploring or interacting with the world around them.

When you visit our Highland Park childcare, you’ll see these values in action – each and every day.

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By enrolling your child with our daycare team, you’re preparing them to take the next big steps in the most important phase of their development.

Watch as they grow, question and enhance their skills through careful interactions that challenge their thinking. See them problem solve and collect new skills that prepare them for the world beyond childcare.

This is our goal – to let your child flourish.

Teachers- educators ready to welcome your child - kinder cottage GC

About Us

Kinder Cottage Early Education Centre is positioned on the corner of Armstrong Way and Bellavista Close in leafy Highland Park.

An easily accessible, residential area providing families with convenience and peace of mind that their children are being cared for in a safe and peaceful environment.

Children and teacher giving support and care - life long learning skills - Kinder cottage GC

For parents

With our support and partnership with parents, our programs are an introduction to the learning process and a wonderful way for each child to begin a life-long love of learning. 

Come and find out more about our Joyful Joeys, Bouncing Bilbies, Wonderful Wombats and Kind Kangaroos groups.

Kinder cottage outside play area and learn to interact - Kinder Cottage GC


We believe in promoting play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction, role play, communicating and most importantly, listening to children. 

This enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.

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