About Us

Kinder Cottage was built in 1992 as a purpose built Child Care Centre, but to resemble both from the outside and inside a home environment.

From 2000 Catherine and Tony Moore purchased Kinder Cottage and continued the ethos of an Early Education environment that is an extension of a child’s home.

The sense of community that has been created with both the families who attend/ have attended and with the Kinder Cottage teams is fantastic.

It is wonderful to be able to see our past students growing up and developing into amazing people, and especially amazing when they return to enrol their own children into Kinder Cottage.

Our amazing team of Educators come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and ages which allows us to have at least one person who our families can initially relate to.

But it is our Educators love for what they do that shines through the most. It is this love for what they do that creates the sense of belonging for our families and pushes them to always improve their skills through professional development.

First day getting to know each other - Teachers encouraging play - Kinder Cottage Qld

Our philosophy

We recognise the importance of a safe environment and respect the rights of all children and will protect them from harm to the best of our ability.

We believe in fostering sustainable practices within our centre, involving the children, as we continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the wellbeing of all in the community.

Our team at Kinder Cottage believe it is important to be open to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge and skills from parents and the community and be constantly developing.

We will use continuous critical reflection to promote ongoing best practice. Through this our team will be modelling to the children that we are all a community of lifelong learners.

Our curriculum

As Educators, part of our role is to support children in making appropriate choices and encourage them to express and explore their knowledge and thoughts.

We believe in promoting play as the emphasis through a process of exploring, problem solving, social interaction, role play, communicating and most importantly, listening to children which enables them to enhance skills in areas such as their language, self-help, cognitive, social interaction and fine/gross motor skills.  The programs that we run within the different curriculums are flexible to meet the individual needs of each child.

We strive to let the children be the best they can be in readiness to start their school years by preparing them with a strong foundation of skills for future learning.

We employ the Early Years Learning Framework, the Queensland Education Kindergarten Program and the My Time Our Place framework to support our curriculum.

ExtraCurricular program

Included in our regular fee structure we have regular incursions throughout the year for all the children in the Centre. For our 3 to 5 year olds we have a Japanese language and cultural programme and dancing with Miss Stacy.  And specificaly for our Kindergarten room we have Yoga, martial arts, cooking with Chef Richard and Bush Kindy.

Kinder Cottage acknowledges and respects the original custodians of this land, multiple cultures and celebrates the benefits of diversity and honour our differences. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment and encourage educators and children to discover respect for the land, nature and animals. We value the varying customs and beliefs of families and will respect these. We will continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the wellbeing of all in the community.